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Many common mistakes that buyers of real estate make can usually be avoided. Here are a few mistakes many buyers make, and some ways to avoid them. #1. Buying before selling. It sounds simple, but the lure of that new house can have an overwhelming effect on your finances. Sell the home you curre...
Kathleen M. Howley wrote an interesting article recently. Check it out on Howley's thesis, built in large part upon interviews with Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz and co-creator of the widely used S&P/Case Shiller real estate price index Robert Shiller, submits that specu...
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, together with several State Senators and Represenatives, has filed two pieces of legislation aimed at reducing foreclosures and negating some of the negative effects of abandoned properties as a result of foreclosures. What is Ms. Coakley’s hope? Acc...
For an interesting read and one broker’s opinion about home buyers this year, head over to REALTYTIMES®. Author Mark Nash, a real estate practitioner in the Chicago area, has done a concise job summarizing what is in and out for home buyers. According to his bio on the site, Nash has been doing h...
The National Association of Realtors® reported today that their forward-looking statistic, “Pending Home Sales Index“, based on contracts signed on previously owned homes, is down nationwide. With the economy going down the drain, huge job losses in many sectors, and consumer confidence very low,...
Now that the holidays are over and we are into a new year, let's take a break and look back on 2008. Assisting us today will be Stefan Swanepoel, a noted author and speaker who has been right on with his prognostications regarding real estate and the direction the industry will take. Mr. Swanepoe...

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