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This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with a lady who wants to sell her house in Edmonton. It’s a fairly average home for the area, in good condition and clean. It will be a good listing, a real feather in my hat. It should sell quickly and for a good price. But I’m not sure if I want to li...
John; My insurance company is looking for the “legal address” of the home? I don’t get it. I gave them the address in North Edmonton but they didn’t want that. Can you help me out here? Did I buy the wrong house? - Sandra Hey There Sandra; What they’re referring to is the LEGAL DESCRIPTION of th...
Hey John, We’re giving up the keys on the house in a couple of days, and I want to know how clean the house needs to be. It’ll be vacuumed and wiped down. But how far do we take it? - Do we need to steam the carpets?  - Should I be filling and painting the walls where we had pictures hanging?  -...
As Realtors we wear many hats. We're business managers, marketers, councillors, advisors, book keepers, construction and renovation consultants, and so much more. But all of this is built on and around a single crucial skill: the ability to close real estate leads. Without that basic ability, we ...
I’ve been noticing more and more lately how Edmonton real estate agents are forming teams to “Serve you better”. But I have to ask, does it really benefit the customers? Sometimes it does. Sometimes it’s just a marketing strategy.  I’ve spent some time on this subject over the past year, as I’ve...
I’m sitting at a building inspection today, working on my Edmonton real estate blog while the inspector works on the house. The client (Megan) and I had a great discussion about leaving business cards behind when showing a home. I recently sold her condo for her, and she expressed an interesting...

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