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Is Disneyland Over For the SoCal Real Estate Market For Awhile? We're starting to see lenders, buyers and investors doing a lot of crazy things that slightly resemble the crash of '08. I'm not suggesting there will be another crash like that. But I think it might be time to start paying attention...
Fathers Day! Why Not Make This The Best Ever With A Dad Pad?To many this may be a rather tall order and slightly out of the realm of reality. But I'll bet to that very special Father in your life it would be his best Fathers Day ever.  Especially if he's approaching those sacred golden years, Hou...
Crest Backyard Homes &Silvercrest ADU Factory Tour A Success! For folks who are contemplating the possibility of adding a BACKYARD HOME aka Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to their property don't overlook what you can do with a Manufactured ADU.  On Saturday, June 9th, CREST BACKYARD HOMES & Silver...
Granny Flats:City of San Diego Votes To Waive Fees  The City of San Diego is certainly not trying to throw Granny over a cliff. Truth be known the City is doing everything it can to help place Granny in her own Backyard Home.   San Diego is the first City in the County to officially waive environ...
Mobile Home Parks.... Preserve Or Destroy? Are The Ole Gray Mares Still What They Used To Be?  All too often local jurisdictions, communities and developers are quick to pull the plug and DRAIN THE SWAMP. Not so fast! Read this with an open mind before you decide. The pressure is on for all juris...
Backyard Homes Literally On A Roll In Leucadia    LEUCADIA CASITA: 12x36 (432sf) 1 bedroom, 1 bath Backyard home, Granny Flat, Casita, Pool Cabana, Accessory Dwelling Unit, ADU? Call them what you will but they're starting to roll into Encinitas. In early May CREST BACKYARD HOMES will be installi...
 San Diego Homeowners Please Join Our 'BACKYARD HOME' ADU Factory Tour  Has anyone ever wondered how a Factory Built Home is Built? Well, now you have an opportunity to do just that and have some fun doing it. The time has come for the rubber to literally meet the road. Come and see for yourself ...
Could Be Good Times For Established & licensed   General Contractors I'm reminded of the '90s. Business is boomin! Everyone that is able is working. Real Estate has gained back all its losses from the deep dive of '08 and is launching into the stratosphere of supply side economics: "Supply-side e...
Encinitas Waives $3000 In Fees To Encourage Backyard Home Development It's taken a lot of  time, effort and tight fist-ed negotiating between the Encinitas City Council, the planning commission and the diplomatic and patient gavel of Mayor Catherine Blakespear, however, the time has finally arriv...
San Diego Jurisdictions Embrace Backyard Home (ADU) Ordinances It's been a challenge met with mild to strong resistance, however, many if not most San Diego Jurisdictions, including the County, are coming to grips with California's newest laws on "Backyard Home" aka "Accessory Dwelling Unit" (ADU...

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