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 A Seniors Guide To Building A Modular "ADU"By now just about anyone who can fog a mirror in the real estate, construction and factory built housing industry knows what an ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT aka "ADU" is.This 11 part Webinar Series dives a little more into the weeds by providing information ...
How To Finance Your ADU With A "HECM" Reverse Mortgage.    We speak with senior homeowners everyday who would love to add a 'BACKYARD HOME' to their property but just don't have the money to do it and don't want to dig into their savings or retirement. However, they may have enough equity in the...
BACKYARD HOME aka ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU)Six new ADU laws were enacted on January 1, 2020. On Saturday February 22nd from 12-5 Senator Bob Wieckowski, the architect behind the ADU movement will be in San Diego to discuss these new laws in detail. All property/homeowners now have the right t...
Wake Up For What's Up In 2020 For SoCal. “YES, IN MY BACKYARD!” "Cottage Industry" (pun intended) turned “Major Growth Industry” There were six new laws implemented in California commencing on January, 1st,  2020. These laws will change the California landscape, literally and figuratively, for Si...
Be Careful! Not all Manufactured Home Dealers are looking out for you Yes, It's true! the BACKYARD HOME Phenom is real and spreading like a wind fanned fire and Manufactured Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are no doubt rolling down the road to a backyard near you. While a BACKYARD HOME can come in...
Every Once In Awhile Something Just Reaches Out and Hits Your Hot Button You might ask why an ole guy sitting on a sunny beach in SoCal on this beautiful Labor Day would be so intensely interested in this particular post? Well, here's a couple of really good reasons. First and most important reas...
The 40th Annual Chad & Dad Day At The Races! Not a little tale to wag nor a dog to bark or even bite about. This tale is a tale of two stories about some really big doggies. My son, Chad, turned 41 on August 3rd. and my Birthday just happens to be August 8th. So from Chad's first birthday this ha...
CREST BACKYARD HOMES San Diego Union Tribune Home Section                A growing demand for granny flats Factory-built ADUs — accessory dwelling units — can lower costs without sacrificing charm. In San Diego, they’re in demand for both cultural and financial reasons. (Crest Backyard Homes man...
Kudus To Jeremy Blanton and Thanks To Jeff Dowler For Making The Intro Since I joined AR in 2008 I have yet to ask a question on just about any type RE Q, or not, and not get an overwhelming choice of excellent answers. During this very busy INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND I posted the question above on...
San Diego Real Estate Broker Specializes In BACKYARD HOME Properties Granny flat? Backyard Home? Garage Apartment? Pool Cabana? Would you like to find a property that already has an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) aka GRANNY FLAT on it? Or are  you looking for a property you could build one on? Wel...

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