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How To Prevent Drainage Issues From Damaging Your Home Part 5   In Parts 1-4 we discussed how "Drainage Issues Can kill A Real Estate Transaction".    If you've been following this series hopefully you have a much better understanding about how these various scenarios can kill your deal.   Thus i...
THE ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD   PART 4   Drainage Issues Can kill A Real Estate Transaction     In the previous 3 Parts of this series we discussed how drainage issues can kill a real estate transaction and how the related damages, costs, time, inconvenience and frustration can burden a homeowner, buye...
Drainage Issues Can kill A Real Estate Transaction PART 3 In Parts 1 & 2 we addressed the inherent drain issues that occur when inadequate or a lack of proper drainage is not provided under and around a structure be it a Manufactured or Site Built Home. In Part 3 we are going to address roof rela...
Drainage Issues Can kill A Real Estate Transaction PART 2 That old adage that "PICTURES SAY A THOUSAND WORDS" plays out very well in this series so I'm going to let the photos do a lot of the talking.     Drainage issues are not to be taken lightly. What looks like something that really means not...
Drainage Issues Can kill A Real Estate Transaction PART 1   This post is dedicated to and all stakeholders involved with a real estate transaction. Be you a homeowner, home buyer, real estate professional, contractor, home inspector, lender, title or escrow company you need to know this.         ...
Survey finds the fittest   cities for "boomers"     Repost: Inasmuch as we are involved in an industry (Manufactured Housing) and in an area (San Diego 'America's Finest City') I though the AR community might find this article interesting. By Melissa EricksonMore Content Now Posted Jan. 24, 2014 ...
Need A Manufactured or Modular Home Expert Witness Or Troubleshooter?      You need look no further!   Combined my lovely wife of 37 years, Janis, son Scott (below) and I have over 75 years of combined experience in all facets of the Manufactured Home industry. We are actively engaged as Expert W...
The Evolution of Factory Built Housing The "FACTORY BUILT HOME" has no doubt come a long way in almost 100 years. It all started in the 1920s whence "Trailers", "Travel Trailers", "Trailer Coaches" were built primarily for the American traveler who desired having a real bed and a place to sleep a...
  Engineered Certification & Foundations For Manufactured Homes If you are a Real Estate Professional, Lender, Homeowner or buyer and are involved in a manufactured home loan or real estate transaction you need to know this. What are Foundation Repairs and Retrofits?   The terminology "foundation...
    We're Highly Unlicensed, We Don't   Carry Insurance & We're Not Bonded         HOMEOWNERS Don't be a victim and REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS don't allow your clients to become one either.   NOTE: Albeit this post is targeted towards the MANUFACTURED HOME INDUSTRY it is relevent to all real estat...

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