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  ??? About Manufactured Home Engineer's Certification - HUD Guidelines?            One of the requirements of all FHA-insured loans and some VA loans is that an engineer certify that the manufactured home's foundation comply with THE PERMANENT FOUNDATION GUIDE FOR MANUFACTURED HOMES (PFGMH), dat...
There’s A Time To Walk Away From A Deal.   In this very fast moving, competitive and inventory light Real Estate environment we’re living in today it’s easy to get caught up in and consumed by GREED. Wanting to close that next deal usually seems to take precedence over our moral and ethical judge...
This Is Not An Arpril Fool's Joke   I provide this courtesy Public Information announcement every April and will coninue to do so for as long as I'm able. I've lived and worked through far too many disasters to count. You can never be too ready. It's not just about natural disasters. Now we also...
Stress Less: Reduce Your Clutter This is a repost that I felt quite interesting as a RE broker.  Stress Less: Reduce Your Clutter By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions Managing the volume of possessions in our homes is such a crushing problem; it actually elevates the level of stress hormones in o...
Every Once In Awhile A Dad's Just Gotta Brag About His Kids.     Chad of All Trades Owner Donating ‘Urban Eucalypti’ to Auction; Proceeds Benefit Learning Charity PRWeb – 14 hrs ago Email Share Print   Chad Arendsen, owner of Chad of All Trades, URL of, is donating ...

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