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Baby Boomers. The Sandwich Generation........Rent vs Buy?   What does your crystal ball think the future holds in store for the 10 thousand "Boomers" who are turning 65 years old everyday for the next 20 years or so? What will these 75 to 80 million folks be doing for HOUSING? Anyone care to take...
     What Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit       aka "ADU?   As a Real Estate Broker, General &Manufactured Home Contractor, Manufactured Home Dealer & Developer we are often asked about the many misunderstood and confusing  synonyms that will help clear the air for the average layperson seeking inf...
OK! So Where Are All The Baby Boomers Going? Could this be the next housing BOOM? Or housing Bust? Lot's of opinions on this one. Many think we'll drag & drain the economy to the ground what with all our ENTITLEMENTS. But with 6.2 TRILLION DOLLARS to spend before we pass the wand I hardly think t...
BOOM! What This Means For San Diego Real Estate. Little Guys Benefit? It will be interesting to see how this will impact San Diego Real Estate and the JOBS market.  Will this be a BOOM for small businesses and entrepreneurs? Or will the BIG BOYS get all the action? It will be very interesting to ...

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