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Have You Had Enough Loan Modification Yet? I am LM’d out.   HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH LOAN MODIFICATION?  Well, I don’t know about you but I am LM’d out.I have never spent so much time researching and writing about a subject about which I have absolutely no interest.  I’m sure by now we’re all Loan Mo...
Loan Modifications - Still A Risky Scam? Part 2   The mission for this chapter is to chronicle: How the bad guys came to get into the fray, How most scam operators work their cons. and How RE Brokers, Lenders Realtors, Agents, loan officers and most importantly the Homeowner can spot and avoid t...
Loan Modifications   This is a revised 3 part series I posted on AR back in '09. I noticed a whold series of AR posts featured on AR this morning and thought I offer them to this very important forum. With as many a 5.5 milion homeowners still in some form of default Nationwide I think it a very...
John Curci's "Lido Peninsula" in Newport Beach, CA   Big Places On Tiny Spaces.   When The Cubic foot vs Square Foot Counts.   Part 2   What, where & How the "Factory Built Housing Industry" can go with a little innovation, creativity and investment capital.   We've all seen them and many of us h...
Facts About Manufactured Housing This is a repost about the Manufactured Home Industry that should give AR RE Professionals and home buyers some keen insight about affordable housing options. Be you a young couple looking for your first home investment or a Baby Boomer looking to downsize to a mo...
Tide Changes for Manufactured Housing Thsi is a repost that I think any AR members who have dealt, are dealing or could be dealing in the future with Factory Built Housing. Article Stock Quotes Comments MORE IN COMMERCIAL » smaller Larger facebook twitter google plus linked in   Email Print Save...
Looking For Infill Lots/Properties Anywhere In San Diego County. Hope I don't get my knuckles slapped by AR for this. But I'm not actually trying to sell anything to anyone. I'm actually trying to BUY! We are aggressively looking to pay CASH for infill properties that meet our buying criteria any...

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