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Florida Tax Reform - What does it mean to me? A look at the numbers!Overview In the State of Florida most municipalities derive most or all of their income from property taxes. Property taxes in the State are determined based on a percentage (millage rate) of the total property value. Each taxing...
Buying and Selling "As-Is"I recently overheard a person who is buying a home state that they would never want to buy a home "As-Is". While I understand the concerns, I suggest that a home buyer or seller should review the contracts and work with appropriate professionals. I've come to realize tha...
Market HistoryThe real estate market over the last several years has progressed through a number of phases. There is no doubt that a price adjustment has taken place in the real estate market in the last few years. Newspapers across the country have reported price adjustments in the residential m...
The Adams, Cameron & Co. Cycling Team who are getting ready for the PGA MS 150 bike tour are off to a great start. The team has coupled with Palmer Chiropractic, Stonewood Grille, and Plan B Cycling to put together a team and a series fo training rides. It should be a blast. They have a website a...
Well it finally went through. The legislature has approved the tax cuts and it will be up to the voters in January. I will be very surprised if it doesn't pass despite likely lobbying from the various unions. One nice feature that didn't look like it would make it is the option for people to stay...
I just received this e-mail from Rep Domino. I think he raises some very valid points. Several are the same as my comments in the last blog entry even. While I agree with him that this bill leaves some major gaps, it does seem to move in the right direction. It will alleviate some of the pressure...
This article came out today and discusses some of the progress regarding changes to the tax issues. This new proposal sounds like progress. To summarize, 25% of the first $200,000 will be taxed and 85% of the next $300,000. So, if someone has a house that is worth $250,000 (roughly our median pri...
I just received this correction to Rep. Domino's earlier message: Since writing our last update, we have been informed that the Legislature scheduled a General Election for the Party Primary, on January 29th, 2008. Accordingly 75% will not be required to get the Constitutional measure on the ball...
The letter below was sent to me via e-mail from Rep. Carl Domino who is in favor of the portability issues regarding save our homes. Realistically, the solution that has been proposed has several drawbacks. It is a step in the right direction because it has the potential of ending the current cap...

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This blog is intended to update people who are interested in buying and selling homes, condos, or other real estate in the Volusia and Flagler market. While it is called Real Estate in Daytona Beach Area we will address statistics ranging from New Smyrna to Palm Coast and west to include Deland, Deltona, etc. I will also cover topics regarding investing in residential and commercial real estate. I encourage comments from everyone and am very interested in feedback and opinions.