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Since arriving at our home in Jupiter Beach Florida on Monday it has been daily rain and often in buckets. Besides the cats and dogs coming down I think Mother nature threw in raccoons also. This morning we were not going to be deterred unless their was lightning so we set out for the ocean and w...
We got into Jupiter Florida on Monday to excessive rain. Palm Beach County has had as much as 9 inches in a day and it has rained constantly the first three days we have been here. This morning we finally saw that lucky ole Sun shining above and we made the made dash for the beach by the ocean to...
There is not much I fear about the future since change is the one thing we can depend on, but the pace of change seems to be moving at light speed. I have seen some comments about my previous post on this series with computers can sell real estate and that is missing the point of this conversatio...
OK, that was an exaggeration but for those who plan on being in this business for the next 20 to 30 years the end is near may not be so far fetched. In my last two posts I gave opinions on the extreme surplus of REALTORS® we have as well as the war for data supremacy. What I want to do now is giv...
In my previous post about what I saw for the future of real estate I discussed the tipping point of having an 80% overage in the number of agents required to close all possible sales. I wanted to emphasize that this makes the current system even more vulnerable to major disruption, and in the nex...
So I wanted to give it a go and see if I can upload a picture this time. I love San Francisco and to get to go there every quarter to speak to investors is certainly not painful. I went in to get some oysters at Hog Island because two Wells Fargo lending people had arranged dinner at Alexander's ...
My non-stop flight from Oklahoma City to San Francisco gave me three plus hours to watch a movie on the flight and I saw that Hidden Figures was available and I had been wanting to see it. I graduated from high school in 1966 so the movie was contemporary for me, and the story line intrigued me w...
Despite getting a summer cold I am looking forward to flying to San Francisco tomorrow. I go every 3 months to speak to investors about opportunities in Oklahoma City and it is a part of my non-traditional approach to real estate. I do not do listings or normal buyers and I outsource that to othe...
In early December 2008 I had just gotten back from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to Oklahoma City. My mother was in the hospital at the age of 95 and was experiencing problems, after all she was 95. Telling my Mother in the first place I had cancer was the hardest task I had ever perfo...
I just read an article on Wired about 200,000 high quality photos available on a site called Upsplash. The owners consider photos a lost leader for future monetization so I was excited for a new site like this to come into existence. The site has been used for photos by none other than facebook a...

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