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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage and Real Estate News You Can Use
Home shopping? Get Pre-Approved First Minneapolis, MN: People often make the mistake of starting a home search without knowing what they actually qualify for. Falling in love with a $400,000 home and finding out you qualify for $200,000 can be heartbreaking. Thinking a loan approval will be easy...
Minneapolis, MN:  Not every potential home owner fits the cookie cutter guidelines of most traditional loans, especially the self-employed person. The mortgage industry had plenty of alternative options for self employed right up until the housing crash in 2007, including bank statement loans, st...
Can you get rehab loans to buy and fix a home?  YESThere is no doubt that the current real estate market offers a lot of great bargains on short-sale, foreclosed, and homes in need of some tender loving care. However, many of these homes are in less than perfect condition. Many just have simple c...
Minneapolis, MN: When buying a home and getting a mortgage loan, the vast majority of people simply include the homes property taxes and insurance in the payment. But if you put at least 20% down payment on a conventional loan, you can opt to pay your own taxes and insurance. While only a small n...
Minnesota First-Time Home Buyer TipsMinneapolis, MN: Being a first time home buyer, and buying your first home is an exciting time. There is no reason to be worried, and here are a few tips to help guide the way.STEP 1:Find a lender - Get Pre Approved for a Mortgage Loan.Unless you are paying cas...
Many people get their credit score from places like Credit Karma, and off their credit card statements. But are these your real credit scores?The answer is YES and NO. Yes, they are a real credit score, but you may get a very different score when your credit is reviewed by lenders.CONFUSED ABOUT ...
The danger of automated mortgage pre-approvals via your cell phone Can you get pre-approval in 10 minutes on your cell phone? Yes. Should you? Probably not. It's 2018 as I write this, advancements to our lives, along with instant gratification is everywhere. Why go to the store when you get bette...
The closing costs are 3% myth debunked I just heard it again, a Real Estate Agent saying average closing costs to obtain a home mortgage loan are about 3%. This simply is way too broad a statement about actual closing costs. As an actual Minnesota mortgage lender for the past 26-Years, the percep...
The truth about inquiries on your credit report (it isn't what you think).Minneapolis, MN: As a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, I pull and review thousands of credit reports every year. The confusion from the general public about what inquiries are, and how they effect your credit is overwhelming...
Best CHECKLIST - Shopping for a mortgage loansMinneapolis, MN: Face it, few of us can pay cash for a home, so you are going to need a home mortgage loan. A little bit of information can go a long way into determining who to use for your financing and why.Mortgage Loan TypesMost people will end up...

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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage are Real Estate News You Can Use. Joe is a Certified Minnesota Mortgage Specialist, who provides home mortgage loans not only in the Minneapolis, St Paul area, but all of Minnesota and Wisconsin.