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Thanks for visiting my website here you will get all the buying tips you ever wanted! Buying tips continued:   Stable Monthly Housing Costs When you rent a place to live, you can certainly expect your rent to increase each year - or even more often. If you get a fixed rate mortgage when you buy a...
Hello Readers, Well, I did I blog the other day about what I needed for a great website and didn't get a response. I decided lets give them something to critique. Drum roll.......   Here it is! Let me know what to add or subtract.
Hello fellow bloggers, I heard a story about this guy who decided to cut down a bunch of trees on his property (18 acres on the East coast) and didn't obtain the proper permit first and he's busted! Wait, what did you say? You need a permit to build an addition to your house, but to cut trees on ...
Hello Yall, If you're like me you got into real estate because you love findikng a deal. You love to see something priced right and think YES! That's a great price! I came across a piece of land in Camas, WA and knew I needed to get some info from the city. I've been working on it and thought hav...
So you think you're soooo cool because you have a website, huh? YOU ARE! So when I started the social networking craze I hit everything from Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter and even Active Rain. My Space is a little crazy. Just my opinion. I did everything backwards though and forgot my website! I nee...
Are you sitting on the fence instead of buying a home. I was thinking about how if you invested $10,000 in Microsoft the company's IPO would own a stake worth roughly close to $3,000,000 today! Okay, but who in their tight mind would spend a chunk like $10,000 in 1986? I mean that's a lot of mone...
Hello fellow agents and buyers, I keep getting friends family and clients calling me with this horrible attitude asking what's going to happen next. They say they're scared and don't know if they should buy. Let's face it. You're probably listening to the people around you. You probably read abou...
Looking for an investment property with your own private airstrip? This is it! Price Reduced! We've sold 5 lots in the last week! With prices under $25K they're moving FAST! Welcome to Kalifonsky Meadows Airpark Condominium Association! We are the largest privately owned air park in Alaska. We ha...
Hey ladies and gentlemen, So here's my thought of the day. I was cruising around in a brand new BMW (my clients), my civic smells like gasoline so they were kind enough to drive, and was thinking..this is what I want! Reality strikes like lightning that I can't own a crazy nice car until I get a ...
Hello kids, Yesterday I showed homes with one of my clients and it was great! I was tuckered out by the time I got home. We looked at about 10 homes. Some were planned, some not but all in all it was great! Oh, and it didn't rain! So here's my short blog and question of the day. Whoever has the h...

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