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Many Real Estate agents are unaware of what structured data is, why Google loves it, and how it can literally boost your traffic overnight. I'm going to give you a crash course today on what it is, why it matters to Real Estate agents, and how you can begin incorporating it into your own website ...
Here are some great resources for anyone in Real Estate that frequently needs these services. They are all niche specific business directories to find anyone from an appraiser to a general contractor. If you flip houses, you will use these services almost constantly. If anyone can think of any ot...
In the past experts touted Google+ as the end all be all method of creating hyper local marketing for search and social media. In the end, it did what many of Google's previous attempts to establish a social media network have done - it failed. Google has decided to sunset Google+ without any fur...
These social media sites come and go so fast these days. It's often difficult for Real Estate Agents to know which ones are worth investing time and energy into developing. Most new social media sites fizzle out before they ever have a chance to become popular. Tik Tok however is a sleeping giant...
I'm trying to write an article for my website about which drones Real Estate agents prefer and why.  Was hoping to crowdsource the data I need for this from professionals on Active Rain.I was intending to post this article as a kind of open poll to get some feedback from Real Estate agents about ...

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