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News, statistics, and observations about the residential real estate market in Las Vegas and Henderson, and my experiences and thoughts about being a REALTOR®.



Want to capture my attention while I'm web surfing? Just incorporate a well-placed photo of a dog or two into your site.Want to keep my attention? Offer great content thats informative, entertaining and easy to read.The Agent Guide Blog does just that with My 17 Best Business Tips for Real Estate...
"We're going to wait until the market improves." How many times have real estate agents heard that in the last couple of months? And when exactly will everyone agree that the market is improving?"The Truth - 'They' Don't Have A Clue When This Correction Will End" is an excellent look at today's m...
Think about your results for 2007. Do you see them in terms of number of sides, deals closed, GCI?Marc Davison at 1000 Watt Consulting suggests something more along the lines of 'helped individuals and families meet their housing needs.' This shifts the focus from the agent to the customer, from ...
With nearly 500,000 users, Twitter is responsible for a lot of 'micro-blog' posts. It's surprising how much you can say in 140 characters or less. Scan the latest 'Tweets' and you'll find profound observations, fresh ideas, links to great online content, and more.But what if you're looking for so...
At the NAR convention last month in Las Vegas, I began to understand some of the uses for Twitter. Attendees used it to communicate everything from what the best exhibits were, to where to grab a bite to eat, to hilarious and spontaneous observations. Others used it to stream the best soundbites ...
Inspiration ... there it is, the perfect blog topic! Now the challenge becomes how to convey your thoughts in a way that will have the same exciting impact on your readers. Advertising and marketing executives spend millions and countless hours trying to craft the perfect message. Great copywriti...
Sometimes the blinking cursor of an empty blog post is like the flashing turn signal of the car ahead of you in rush hour traffic. It's been a long day, you have a headache, you just want to get home ... and the light is taking forever to change.Blink ... blink ... blink ... We all have times whe...
During the Laurie Manny Challenge, one of the blogs I discovered was Chris Garrett on New Media. Chris is a professional blogger and Internet consultant living in the United Kingdom, as well as an avid photographer.How to Generate Post Ideas When You Are Stuck is Chris' first post in a series on ...
I keep seeing more and more about the emergence of Generation Y and their impact on the economy. The following article and interview offer some further insights on Generation Y."The largest U.S. age group since the baby boom will make an unmistakable mark on the housing market," begins an article...
A post at Global Viewpoints of Commercial Real Estate contained an interesting statistic from the 2000 U.S. Census. Out of a total real estate workforce of 4 million, 2.3 million were born prior to 1962 and will begin to reach retirement age in 2010.Deloitte Consulting suggests that Generation Y ...

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News, statistics, and observations about the residential real estate market in southern Nevada, and my experiences and thoughts about being a REALTOR®.

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