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Are you waiting to live your best life until you have more money......The kids are in school.....You have more time........ God did not design it that way. He designed it so we live our best life now. This minute. Will you join me?
Are you living out your life's purpose? Is it a daily practive???Possibly you are not sure what your purpose is. God has one for everyone..... He did not skip you!
Are you using your Trump card today?
Are you thankful for what you have or always wishing for more....Possilby you talk about lack instead of abundance.....What you talk about you bring about whether good or bad 
Are you in safe mode? Have you settled for routine and ordinary when you were created for mind blowing and extraordinary? I can help you achieve that experience. for more details. 
Where is your energy going? Be transparent with yourself. How much energy did you spend in the last 24 hours worrying about anything.... even the smallest thing. Multiply that by 30 days and thats the time worrying a month..... by 365 a your age and the time worrying in your lifetime....
Are you allowing others to rob you of your peace? Key word allow..... they can only take it if you are willing to let it go. 
There is an old Childrens Church song that goes.... "this litlle light of mine I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine" Are you letting your light shine at full power today or have you settled for a far less wattage based on the people around you or even your own thinking?It is time...
 What are you a prisoner too? If it's your job, a relationship, money can I encourage you that there is a better option?
Possibly you are allowing your circumstances to control your attitidue instead of your faith? Attitude is a game changer...... what does yours look like today? 

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