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It's hard to believe, but the holidays are just around the corner.  Since you might be doing more entertaining for business during this time, I wanted you to know how to make the most of your entertainment expenses. (Just  59 more shopping days till Christmas!) Meals and entertainment you host in...
As a follow-up to my previous post, I want to give some details on how you can save big money by hiring your kids to help you in your business. If you are an agent filing as a sole proprietor, in a partnership with your spouse as the only other partner, or a single-member LLC filing Schedule C, a...
One of the most overlooked tax planning strategies is to hire your spouse to help you in your business.  Although many real estate agents are aware of this, I find that they don't necessarily maximize all the benefits it can provide. First of all, let me explain that this strategy is only designe...
After reading all the posts on the debate over whether to incorporate or not, I wanted to make a few comments about that.  The most important thing to stress is that there is no correct answer for all real estate agents.  Every situation has to be looked at individually to provide the most benefi...
OK, I know the first question is "what is an MERP?"  Probably one of the littlest known major tax breaks for self-employed people.  Medical expense reimbursement plans ("MERPs") let you reimburse your employees, their spouses, and their dependents for uninsured medical costs. Plan benefits are de...
Well, I finally decided to start my blog tonight.  I am a CPA who works with real estate agents.  I feel kind of funny even saying that, as if everyone's natural assumption will be that I am just here to pick up new clients.  But I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and find AR is a really...

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