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I some times post about the industry, work, home, and my personal life & feelings. It is a small window into my general thoughts and ideas.
  Hello All,     With all the changes that have been going on these past few months I decided not to post to my blog.  I didn't want to add to any of the confusion that was being spread in the industry, nor did I really know where the market was going and what timeline we were looking at.  Now I ...
Well Hello,     So sorry for being gone for such a long time, Im sure no one even noticed that I disappeared, but I was gone for good reason.  As you all know, my wife Joanna, has a few issues with her endocrine system, well she has been real sick lately.  As in hospital sick.  She had some issue...
Hello All,     Well, yesterday was not too good on Wallstreet was it?  Wow.   Back on Topic!     Today has been going very well, I had a very nice meeting with another member of our online community, and lets just say I was very impressed.  Now, I can't give you his name, because that would be do...
Well I'm back,     So sorry for those of you who had money riding on me giving up over the weekend, still here.  I did have a few issues this weekend, mainly with Joanna's health.  On Friday night about 7PM she seemed to be out of it a bit, but I didn't pay any attention to her odd behavior until...
Hello all,     Well, it seems that I have managed to complete another day but it feels like I'm missing something...  But what?  I crossed off everything on my To-Do list, and even managed to get into tomorrow's list abit.  It must be the whole "End of the Month" paranoia that I usually go throug...
Hello All,     So, if you have been reading this blog I'm sure you understand that I am a very boring person, never have any fun by most people's standards, but my wife and I are quite happy with our lives in the HB.       I want to tell you about what exactly I do for First Horizon Home Loans.  ...
Well,     The last time that I came here to enter my thoughts was a slow day where I was left to my own thoughts a little too long, yesterday and today were the exact oppisite.  If seems like today was the more productive day this week.  Lets see, here is the recap.  Today I finialized three deal...
Well, what is there to be said today.  The weekend was fine, no real issues, its nice when I dont get a call on a Sunday afternoon.  So far today has been alittle uneventful, only working on existing business, no new contacts today, oh well.  For those of you who are interested my wife, Joanna, i...

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