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Do realtors get a day off?  How do we announce it to customers?  It seems like if I announced this it might cause someone to use another realtor because they might need to get a hold of me if something is time sensitive.  Please help.JJ 
Is it wrong to advertise yourself as a "gay friendly" realtor?  I'm sure there are good people and bad people regardless of sexual orientation-- but I've only had great experiences in helping gay couples buy and sell homes and am wondering if it's okay to advertise this way?  I'm all ears.
I wish I knew something to say to someone who  makes a racial comment that makes me feel uncomfortable.  I had a customer ask me if the neighborhood we were looking in was "dark".  The only response I could think of was, "yes, it gets very dark at night."  I think the person making the comment sh...
I purchased a residential property 2 years ago that now has great commercial potential.  I want to sell this as commercial but am unsure the best way to do it?  Do I simply post it as commercial potential? (I did this last year with a couple people interested-- but not enough to make an offer).  ...
I want to be sure I am listing every where online I can-- so that my customers don't decide to go with someone else to reach a wider market audience.  Can someone tell me where to post?  I already do craigslist and zillow and realtor.com ... any other free ones I should do?  Thanks for your help....
I have seen two realtors so far that have used the pictures I took of the home to market it when it goes back on the market.  I have a degree in photojournalism and a minor in art photography and feel my photos are a big edge I have over other realtors.  But when they pull them out of the MLS and...
Does anyone have any tricks they use to get listings?  I could share some of mine. 1) I've only been in the business for 6 years, so I've always used the President of the companys experience and say that, "as a team we have 48 years of experience." 2) I look at "big" listings and feel the competi...
It seems to be "so far so good" compared to last year.  I am an agent in a smaller company with only a handful of agents.  But as of January we had already had 3.5 times as many sales as in 2007.  It seems that no matter good or bad the market is-- there is always a reason for people to buy or se...

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James J Canull's blog for information about real estate market in Indianapolis Indiana or Carmel or Noblesville Indiana.