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Erie, Pa has reached the TOP TEN of snowfall amounts since such records have been kept.  Which begs TWO questions?  1.  Why in the world would you keep such records?  and 2.  Why are the weathercasters SO EXCITED about this 'milestone'?  From a real estate market standpoint I am optimistic-- the ...
Interesting fall market.  I was busy in sept, and october and initially in November.  Now that we had a significant snow fall, coupled with thanksgiving soon , things are quiet.  But that is our normal market. Erie County has a population of just under 300,000.  Our market does not see the volati...
You will find a timeline on interest rates at freddiemac.com.  A quick review shows that rates today are BELOW rates this time last year.  Rates in 1984 ( when I purchased my first home) were 13.89 (whew !!!!) and in 1992 ( when we purchased our second home were 8.39.  A few years ago we bought d...
Hey , I was gone for a while, had knee surgery.  Really should have had more time to blog and such, but with therapy etc.  the time flew by. Anyway, attended a REALTOR Opportunity day today through the Greater Erie Board of REALTORS.  Our main speaker was Randy EAGAR and he was great.  I always c...
 Procuring cause is an interesting topic in our industry.  Who or what actions caused the 'fruit to drop' from the tree?  Which actions resulted in the sale? It is fortunate for us as REALTORS that our Association recognizes that these disputes arise from time to time and have a mechanism set in ...
If you are like many of us and using 2, 3 or more databases-- STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to Pat Zaby and his Microsoft Office seminar.  This seminar shows how to make the most of Microsoft Office and the contact manager system.  For the longest time I suspected my usage of Office was about 10 percent ...
What is the most difficult challenge that REALTORS face?  Prospecting --  noContinuing education -- nahFollowing up -- well maybe, but nope...BALANCE -- yes.  Balancing work, family, life -- is the most difficult challenge we face.  While this challenge is also faced by many other professions, I ...
 Our Code of Ethics separates us from many other professions.  Reading other blog posts about possible COE violations I find one common thread --  many REALTORS are hesitant to report COE violations.  The main reason given is being ostracized by fellow practitioners , a reduction in business etc....
 Remember the Wizard of OZ -- lions and tigers and bears, oh my... well we keep hearing about all the homes on the market, "... I've never seen so many.."  etc. etc. WELL, ACTUALLY ...Information that may surprise you....  There are LESS homes on the Erie market today than at this time last year....
 The Erie Seawolves are a double A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.  They play home games at the Jerry Uht ( THE UHT) baseball park in downtown Erie, PA.  This park, which was constructed in the 1990's and renovated with a fantastic picnic / beer garden just last year, is one of the favorite park...


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