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I am tired of the complaing within our profession and industry about the market. Here's a valuable suggestion: Change your mindset. Start to program your mind with positive affirmations. Consider, "I am a master lead generator" or "I succeed in all/every market", how about "I take listings that s...
For 2008 I am taking my team through a John Maxwell weekly devotional on leadership. The first week was exciting and encouraging. I do beleve everyone of my team members is a leader and leadership development is one of the best resources I can provide for them. The more I can build into their liv...
As we all begin a new year I was wondering what other professionals were doing with their time. I'm time-blocking my entire week, with times set aside for several areas of lead generating and I wondered if others are already doing this? What amount of tome to you designate? Do you enjoy it? Has y...
The Fischetti Group, Keller Williams would welcome the opportunity to service your buyers in my marketplace. We specialize in North Raleigh and Wake Forest. I have over 20 years expereince in Real Estate. I'm blessed with a fantastic and talented team to help assist you and me. We'll gladly pay a...
It always amazes me that salespeople don't ask for the sale. Les than 1 in 5 salesperson actually asks for the sale during an appointment. If you want to succeed at greater levels in '08, ask for the business more. I realize that by asking you "might offend" but you pretty much guarentee you will...
Jimmy Buffett sings, "You think the internet is such a great asst, but you're wrong, wrong, wrong." Well as sales professionals if we rely on the internet too much to touch base with our clients, customers and prospects we'll be wrong. Remember Ma Bell, "Reach out and touch someone." It is a new ...
The market is not an excuse. Real estate markets have always been cyclical. Any and every market provides opportunity. For the true professional the market is never an excuse. Unfortunately there are many angents who have never lived through a challenging maket and are not prepared for the curren...

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