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Last week the temperature dipped to the single digits and the wind was whipping I had a bad turnout at my open houses.  This week the temperature was around 50 and raining like mad.  I had two open houses with no turn out.  Why does the bad weather fall on Sundays?  I'm still a firm believer of o...
I've been a member of active rain for about three weeks now and I have to say "I'm addicted".  I've been reading blogs which have had great advice and others that have been motivational.  The big thing for me is to get out there and do it.  I try to spend about an hour a day reading and respondin...
When I go on listing appointments I frequently get asked when dose the spring market start?  When I started selling real estate, February always had the highest turn out for open houses.  So if you have clients waiting to list, they may miss the boat.  I never had like the idea of waiting to list...
I know I'm new to this but I was going through my old blogs and deleted one.  Then after reviewing I noticed I lost 200 points.  I guess I'll think twice before deleting anymore blogs.  Just wondering if anyone knows if I delete a blog in which I have comment points do the comment points go away ...
Open houses this weekend were for diehards only.  With the temps around 7 degrees and the winds reaching 50 mph it was numbing to be out in the cold.  I held two open houses with little turn out.  Real Estate is tough enough in this market and the winter chill doesn't help.  Of course I had one w...
I've only been a Realtor for two years.  Yes I came into this knowing it's a down market.  But really what better way to learn real estate than in a down market.  The only way to make that phone ring is to get out there and find the buyers and the sellers.  My work load has been increasing every ...
It's amazing what's out there.  I've been focusing on finding more exposure on the web.  For instants Activerain.  But there're a ton of different sites out there that will give your listings and your name exposure.  You just have to look for them.  My listings activity has increased and the phon...
Two days ago I had a closing 30 miles form the office.  32 out and the weather was changing between rain and ice-rain.  Cars were in the ditches and tow truck lights were flashing every other mile. My clients happy we closed but what an ordeal.  It's amazing what we'll go through to close a deal. 
The way the local news was talking this last night and this morning, I was expecting the roads to be hideous.  I will say cars were slipping here and there but in my opinion, not so bad.  The snow is still coming down and what a great day to take those snow pics for your listings.  I guess for th...
Today I went on a listing appointment.  I worked hard like I always do, did my home work and I had on my game face.  The presentation went smooth with not one objection.  Then it was time for the price I was sure I was going to get my first objection.  Nope, no objections, they hired me.  That wa...

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