The dreaded Proxy Error. You've all seen them. Some have lost posts or comments to this scourge. Others have smashed their keyboard in frustration. Almost daily, Bob bellows boldly at me in the office: THE SITE IS DOWN! FIX IT! What is a Proxy Error? Imagine that you've gotta go – now! You excuse...
Some of our eagle-eyed members noticed a slight discrepancy in the top ranked spots over the weekend. I've asked Jon if I can hire you as beta-testers! Sadly, this was no nefarious plot to allow me to takeover Lawrence with my pittance of points, nor was it a virulent worm or virus attacking the ...
Does anyone ever click on that tiny About link at the bottom of every page? I don't, and I almost missed my own promotion! On August 8th, I threw aside my umbrella to completely immerse myself in the rain as the new VP of Product Development. It "only" took 15 days for me to blog about it – as yo...
Late last night, the new [new] design for Localism went live. This is like the new Coke, only delicious, and with less rioting (we hope!) The display of your ActiveRain posts in this new design has been an issue of contention for some. I'm here to explain the rules: The left column is 493 pixels ...
ActiveRain will be undergoing an hour of "maintenance" starting today at 4:00pm CST. I wonder what this could mean?
Contrary to popular belief, Jon didn't hire me solely on the basis of my spellchecking fixing abilities. (the shock!) I have a confession to make, loyal readers: instead of working on spellcheck for these past few months, I've been busy pushing the new Localism to completion. (the intrigue!) Ther...
Thanks for the warm welcome. I feel like singing in the rain. (Love puns!) On the surface, spellcheck seems like a pretty easy problem to solve. You take some text, split it into words, then check each word against the dictionary. Fantastically easy. They shouldn't pay me for this stuff. But comp...
I fixed spellcheck.

Jorgen Hahn

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