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Most of the time it is really hard for us to tell our clients the totally honest truth about their home. You walk into a listing appointment and they are gushing about their purple walls and hot pink carpet. In the mean time, you are walking behind them trying not to gag! Different strokes for di...
 Reprinted with permission Be careful with your vacant homes - by Charles McCannFor the past few weeks I have been assisting a bank with getting a foreclosure in Arcata ready to go on themarket. I had served notices to tenants to vacate because of the foreclosure and re-keyed all the locks after ...
Wait! Hold on....did you hear that?  Was that the phone? Holy ring ring batman!It seems to me since last week, many of us are starting to get the most awesome phone calls of new clients wanting to get pre-qualified to buy a house and sellers calling to get their house listed!I had to pinch myself...
How do you know if you are signed up with too many sites? How in the world can you possibly remember the passwords to all of them? Some sites require "characters or symbols' in addition to minimum of 6-12 chharacters. Kind of overwhelming isn't it? If you're looking for an answer, I am so very so...
The Wackiest Laws On The Books!Did you know that in New Hampshire it is illegal to tap your feet, nod your head, or keep time to the music in a tavern, restaurant, or café?  Or that state law in Colorado allows people to rip the tags off pillows and mattresses, despite dire warnings not to do so....
Roy Rogers used to say," Buy land, because they're not making any more of it!" I have a client who has been looking for 600-1000 acres to raise cattle and is selling his property on the east coast. he would love to have an area where it doesn't get too hot in the summer, about 80 degrees or less ...
Ok, I know someon out there is so in tune with Web 2.0 that they have to have the latest innovation on their website. What I'm talking about is the video of themselves on the opening page of theri website. Fess up! Who has one of these?I have been racking my brain trying to find out how to do thi...
I used to hear the saying, "you have to list to last" for many years. I started to find a way to get more listings and realized, " holy crap! I wrote a blog not too long ago on how to get a FSBO to work with you!"What a dingbat! I should practice what I preach! I reached for the phone, and froze....
ok some of you may be wondering, what else is there that could really make us stand out over the crowds? You may already have it or you still don't know what to do with it. It's the webcam! I finally took the plunge and started using my webcam to reply to email messages and give video updates to ...
I was getting ready to start a major project with a commercial building recently and was going to hire an attorney friend of  mine to help me get the job done and to make sure I don't miss any details of the transaction. I knew I was going to have to pay him at least a few thousand dollars. He of...

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