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So I'm sitting here thinking about what I can write in today's blog and still kinda nervous about doing the whole video blog thing. What if the camera adds 10 pounds to my already hulking frame? What if I start to stutter, can I edit before I send it? What if one of my kids comes out and tackles ...
Just testing out the availability to add video to The Rain!
I just received an offer on a building I had listed for about a year. The tenant was supposed to buy it during this time but failed to consumate the deal.Well, during this time he shacks up with the owners daughter, she owns the business inside the building and they get into an altercation. She a...
There has been much talk about what could happen if you switched offices in times like this for "greener" pastures. Well, allow me to school you on the intricacies of change so it won't affect your business too much. I am definitely talking from experience. I just changed offices 3 months ago and...
i know I have been harping on some people in my area about updating their picture so it doesn't look like their high school prom picture, but of course no one listens to me. I'm just the new kid on the block who knows nothing! I was at a local Kiwanis event and the same topic came up between our ...
Many people are wondering, why does it matter that the stock market has jumped up another 260+ points? I don't dabble in the stock market and i don't have any mutual funds. What gives?I noticed when the market goes up and there is all kinds of hype in the media about it, the buyers tend to come o...
ok folks, I usually don't post things like this or even post  twice in one day! But I got so ecxcited about this program for SEO, I just had to share it! Click on the link below and you'll see what I mean! noticed a pretty nice spike in my website and I guess in turn, ...
remember back in junior high school when the teacher led this game called "The Telephone?"It's where teacher would say a phrase to one person, then it would go on down the line from person to person until the story is so diluted and totally different. Well, we live in such a small town, this happ...
It seems more and more agnets are getting part time jobs that are totally unrelated to real estate. I spoke to an agent today who is going to work for a pizza parlor as a part time custodian. she doesn't want to be on the front counter because she doesn't want anyone to know she is working an ext...
I noticed when i started getting offers on my listings that agents are adding some very obnoxious items in the addendum lines.One agent it seems, she is hurting for money when she added, "listing agent to refund buyers agent $13.00 for county property profile at close of escrow"another offer I go...

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