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Finding the right real estate professional requires doing a little research and asking a few questions. You need to know everything about the selling process. What is the marketing strategy? What kind of advertising will be done? Is the Realtor capable and willing to communicate effectively? Can ...
I haven't seen or heard from my brother in a little over 10 years! I have been searching for him thru many different networks. Paid for some online services and even they couldn't find him. Well I guess one day he started browsing online an since I have such a common name, it wasn't easy to sift ...
This weekend I was driving to an appointment and noticed a motorcycle cop tailing me for a couple of blocks. Of course, in my mind I was going over my mental checklist, drivers license? check. registration? check. insurance? check.Ok I was fine, was I speeding? possibly. I have been known to have...
  This is way too cool!      
You have to be aware of what an affluent buyer is looking for and how to guide them in the right direction when  looking to purchase a high end home. Most affluent buyers really want a good deal. They want to be assured that whatever you're showing them, no one else can get and/or they're the fir...
Getting back to basics.....•Q.      We are thinking of selling our home, and heard there are four phases of the selling process we must examine with our agent.  What are those phases?  •A. If you're selling your home, you need to be aware that there are four phases of the selling process.  A mist...
I went on a listing presentation today to view a property that I thought was going to be such a jewel, and I couldn't wait to get pictures, video and v-tours. Boy was I wrong!I pulled up the drive way and noticed it was a really large lot (about 2 acres) and large house (about 2800 sq. ft), I als...
I did it I did it I did it!! I passed the 10,000 point mark!!! uh huh it's my birthday....uh huh it's my birthday!!!(doing the chicken dance)    ;-)I'd like to thank the academy, my agent, family and friends....... Below from Karen Monsour!!! Thanks Karen, I had no idea! Hey, that's great...add 1...
I truly believe you will be able to get more deals this way than any other way if you do it this way. make sense?me neither...if you're starting off fresh in a new area one of the best farming tools we have at our disposal is the MLS. Instead of farming a geographic area, go for the demographics ...

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