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New new new! Where else are you going to find a home that has a new kitchen, new wiring, new plumbing, new roof and more! Zoned neighborhood commercial, this home will be the perfect place for an office. Near hospital, care home and counseling center. Has been rented in the past. Check it out! Ag...
I dare you to go ahead and answer your phone when your mortgage lender calls! Here's why. 1. They really need to know if you still live in your home 2. They would like to work out some sort of loan modification with you 3. They really do not want to foreclose on you! A couple of weeks ago, I sat ...
Preparing Your House on a Moment's Notice  Follow these quick tips to ready your home for its best showing when you have 30 or fewer minutes' notice.  Start where the potential buyers will start: þ Make sure that the front door presents well. Sweep steps, if needed. þ Pick up any out-of-place obj...
It seems everywhere we look, there's more bad news about the real estate market. But, reading some of your blogs, it seems the market is doing just fine. I'm not an economist and I really don't know how to crunch numbers, but here are some interesting facts about the Humboldt County, California m...
One would think with the state of the market in some areas, that many lenders would be falling over themselves to get some of the best buyers to buy homes right now. Well, it seems that may not be the case. Lenders have really tightened up the purse strings and are becoming even more difficult to...
How's the real estate market? Any time I wear my Realtor pin on my lapel, someone notices and asks me the same question. How you answer this all important question will determine where your business will be by the end of this year.I have heard some people say, "wow, I've never seen it this slow!"...
i have read many posts throughout our Rain Community and have yet to find too many posts about spending time with family. Well, here goes one for the record books!As I was headed out today to show property, my 10 year old son looked up in my eyes and asked me to play ball with him and to show him...
I know many of us have kids in the California School system. This is very very important. When the Governor gets more letters to save the forests than to save our schools, we have a problem! The Governor's Budget Flunks the Basic Test of Government: It Hurts Our ChildrenThe California State PTA i...
not really...but I did just get your attention! How are you gaining attention toward yourself and your marketing? How many Press Releases have you sent to your local newspapers? How many times have you advertised your new technology? Have you thought of something different to make your listings s...
How would you like some free exposure? Become a volunteer with your local festival organizer! Here in Eureka, we just finished our 18th Annual Redwood Coast Jazz Festival. It's 3 days of swing, jazz and blues in 6 venues and it gets bigger and bigger every year!I was the host/emcee in one of the ...

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