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As some of you may know, it's about that time to renew with many local boards to keep practicing for another year. Unfortunately for some, they may not be able to practice again Many Boards are reporting a lower than average renewal rate and many are just dropping out of real estate all together....
OK folks, let's get back to basics. Some of us have been wondering, how do I get more business during this slow down? Well, get back to the basics!I remember when I first started in real estate 7 years ago, I called just about every expired listing and FSBO I could find so I can add to my invento...
A question I am asked by many new agents is "why should I join a service club like Kiwanis or Rotary?"ok, so, you've received your license, found a good broker and now you're ready to take on the real estate business. Then it hits you,"what do I do next?","How can I get business being so new?"Bef...
When is it really ok to publish kids in a magazine or profile them on the news without permission? Most news agencies will not release the name of an injured victim of a crime if they are under 18. But yet, there are photographers who blatantly shoot a movie or television star's child and sell th...

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Humboldt County Real Estate blog. Talking about day to day real estate dealings between Rio Dell and Trinidad and includes Arcata, Fortuna and McKinleyville