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THERE IS NOTHING MORE SPECIAL THAN YOUR CHILDS ARTSo instead of sticking them on the fridge with a magnet, or putting them in a "memory box", take a few of the ones that you love most and frame them.Or for a really great look, buy an art canvas for your child to paint. You can ask them to paint y...
             HAZARDS OF GOLF-STRETCH BEFORE YOU START!Well, I thought I would share this unfortunate, but somewhat amuzing story with you---consider it a word of warning to all you golfers. My husband and I planned a fantastic weekend getaway with another couple; wine tour, casino, nice dinners, ...
CAROLINE CELLARS- SIMPLY PUT, ONE OF THE BEST WINERIES YOU CAN VISIT IN NIAGRA My husband, myself and dear friends of ours had decided to enjoy a day off and take a wine tour. We have visited a quite a few wineries before, but decided that we would like to try a few different ones.Now, I'm somewh...
DON'T BE AFRAID TO PAINT IT!!!  I believe you can paint almost everything..........alright, I stop at rugs and curtains. If I had a dime for everytime a client said to me, "You want me to paint wood??"..Yes. Yes, I do. Wood veneer? It's a no-brainer.Just because something is wood, doesn't make it...
STYLE AT HOME- A Canadian Decorating Magazine  featured products in the April 2007 that are "ECO-friendly" as well as "Energy Efficient".There is a definate trend towards organic textiles for 2007. I thought I would share with you the products that were featured in the magazine.ROOTS (R) -'Simply...
Just wanted to share one of my most favourite pictures that I have come across.Have a fantastic weekend.Julia Fedak, CSPPlatinum Home Staging Design
"So how did it become required classroom viewing" ....that's how the article is entitled.This article discusses the controversial  issue of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" being shown in classrooms across Canada. Several parents and scientists are infuriated that this is being shown "as environ...
Never underestimate the power of the toss cushion!!Weekly Design Tip #2 has 2 tips!1. Always try to inject at least one object that is BLACK in the room...it helps ground the space and add some depth.2.MIX UP VARIOUS TEXTURES IN A SPACE in order to make a room interesting. In the Living Room belo...
"IF YOU LET OTHER'S DEFINE OR LABEL YOU, YOUR FULL POTENTIAL MAY NEVER BE REALIZED"  ...Ann FedakI remember hearing these words shortly after I had my second child, Ethan. He was a handful.I call it the "second child syndrome". As I observed all the second children in our's and our friend's famil...
Staging is my passion, although comPASSION is the core of my soul.With my background being in interior design, I thought I would air on a lighter side and give weekly design tips!TIP #1HANGING ARTWORK/MIRRORS-It's a very common mistake--people hang their wall art too high. Let's forget about inch...

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