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These three new loan products just came across my desk. I love how lenders are thinking outside the box, and using down payment assistance to help buyers get approved.1. Common Sense Mortgage - A Return to Common-Sense Underwriting. With this loan, the lender does not check income or employment, ...
Long Beach is Los Angeles County's second-largest municipality. The second-largest container port in America is also located in this coastal city. Long Beach isn’t your typical port city. Long Beach is a tourist destination because of its rich heritage and culture. Long Beach is home to many wate...
Getting your offer accepted is tough right now, many buyers are getting discouraged. But it's not impossible to get your offer accepted, there are things you can do. I am a loan officer, and some of the agents that I work with are having great success getting into escrow, much more than other age...
I’ve seen this too many times.As often as I try and warn my clients, there is always one or two that don’t heed my advice and do one of the things on this list. We don’t find out until we’re almost done with the loan (the lender does a final credit check right before closing), and all of a sudden...
We all know that owning real estate is the surest way to financial stability, and to build wealth. But the first step of the journey is to calculate how much you can afford.To see more of this post:

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