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As a subscriber to SEMrush and as an SEO Pro I tend to want to use tools that other pros are using.  SEMrush has been regarded as a great tool so I wanted to dive in deep and see if I can get a brand new site to not only rank but also to a 100% using their audit tool.So this is where we start: As...
No use reinventing the wheel here. Bill has an excellent list if you didn't catch it the first time, for backlinks and NO, THEY ARE NOT DEAD!! (ALSO - Find me and connect with me on any of these platforms below)ALSO - I can't reblog his post but I can give you a snippet and link to it. All good s...
"Worth of Attention - Striking" - Does that define you and your business? If not, no one is going to share, talk about, or refer you.  Our society runs on social currency these days. We want to brag on social media, one-up our friends and acquaintances and have the inside scoop on something befor...
I'll be honest, this drives me nuts! When I research a community or area and find the first 10 spots on Google with NO CONTENT! What? Doesn't this break all the laws of SEO? Well, yes and no. There are about 200 factors when it comes to SEO rules and ranking factors so no content on a page is jus...
Many website providers now offer a blogging platform. In the past, we would just create pages and call them a blog but a blog is really a rolling, updated page WEB-LOG that keeps evolving and changing. When a new post is created, the previous post pushes down the list and therefore can eventually...
In most markets around the country, things slow down this time of year (okay, I know not in Florida, but you're the exception). And now is a great time to revamp or refresh your website and get it ready for the spring season, which is right around the corner. By starting now, you can hone and per...
So You have the WordPress plugin FlexMLS (by FBS same developer that created the MLS used in the Phoenix area ARMLS FLEXMLS) on your WordPress website. Your data is live, the detailed info is gorgeous, and SEO is solid.People are signing up for a portal so they can save their searches.Then you ar...
Are you reading your own blog?There are folks on ActiveRain that pump out 5-10 blogs a day! I seriously don't know how they have time to do that AND practice real estate, but nevertheless, I still see it. I actually had to un-subscribe (AHHHH GOD FORBID!) someone because all I saw was page after ...
I write a lot... to the tune of 50+ blog posts and articles a week! No wonder I barely have time for my own blog. But in all my writing I come across a  lot of posts and I read them and I read yours too! Some are just awesome, some are informative, some really stick around and some I'm just proud...
You may have heard a few blog posts or articles talking about how many words you really need for a blog post. Well, while you are free to write just about anything online you want and make it however long you want, if you really want it to stand out and stick around, the longer the better. "But w...

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