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The area and land surrounding your home is something many homebuyers take into consideration before committing to a piece of property. However, what some home hunters do not take into consideration is the varying outcomes when choosing land.For example, a flood plain is an area of land that is ne...
If you’re viewing a bundle of homes in pursuit of finding “the one”, it can be a challenge to keep track of all of the details. Was it the first property that you saw that needed the bath renovations or the second? Did your realtor say that one of the properties would negotiate on hiring painters...
For those already investing within real estate, you probably have a handle on what works for you. After all, these sort of investments take a lot of time and the market can fluctuate. For example, real estate companies like Title Junction weathered the storm when the market first crashed. However...
Most of us are accustomed to the ideas behind insurance. Because we aren’t able to see into the future, we never can truly be too careful when it comes to protecting our items that hold great weight and investment in our lives. But how many people really understand the difference between nearly a...
TRID has been in full effect as of October 3rd, 2015. Since then and even prior to, there has been a growing speculation of whether or not this update has helped or hurt those within the real estate industry. However recently the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or the CFPB) has confirmed th...
Respa, or the Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, requires lenders to release information to potential buyers during the mortgage process. The purpose of doing this is to make sure borrowers are secure and protected from any risks or abuses associated with lending institutions. Respa a...
Things get pretty busy at our Fort Myers Title Company. Like many other title insurance companies, we are constantly checking in and updating information for all of our clients and associates.Well, one day in particular we received a call from a lender whom requested to speak with Brooke immediat...
If you’re looking for a home you’ve probably heard the terms pre-qualified and pre-approval thrown around a few times. But what really is the difference between these two concepts? How important is it that you obtain one or the other from your lender?So what is pre-qualification? Pre-qualifying f...
As a buyer, realtor, or a fan of Title Junction, you have probably seen ads that demonstrate the importance of title insurance. With an array of horror stories revolving around fraud, liens, miscommunication, and even lost investments there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look into different title ...
Like it or not, social media is not going away anytime soon! As real estate professionals, it is our job to not only embrace this fact but utilize it as well! Become skilled in developing your online presentation by practicing these Title Junction tips!             Develop your profile online to ...

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