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Just wanting to educate people: Always looking out for your best interest. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.



  203-k loans and Energy Efficient Mortgages     Many of us love to cut costs and or save money, right? A 203-k loan or a Energy Efficient Mortgage can help you accomplish this. When buying your new home, it's not only a place to live, a place to create fond memories, but that it's an investment....
  I PROMISE….  I GUARANTEE… I AM THE BEST…. I AM THE CHEAPEST     Do people still fall for such phrases as the best interest rate? Or guarantees with fine print or misleading titles or misleading fine print? Haven't many of us learned from this or from others that fell for it? How about common se...
  Are mortgage commitment dates important?  YES…   Mortgage Commitment dates are very important for several reasons.  I wrote about this below... please read - What time is it? It's COMMITMENT time!! Has your commitment letter been on time? The problem that I am seeing now more and more?  I am se...
  BE PREPARED – Ready & Armed for any curve balls in today's market     Mortgage Interest Rates have been on the rise.  People need to be aware of this, especially if you are shopping for a mortgage and you are already tight on your mortgage payment.  When your loan officer pre-qualifies you, the...

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