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We all know that ActiveRain helps you rank well in Google's SERPs by using the long tail search. Don't forfeit some of your advantage by using "free" widgets! Today, I found a new (to me) ad hanging out on my "My Home" page. I followed the link and was rather pleasantly surprised by what I found....
Here's some great advice for anyone who works with leads from the internet!  I think the thing to remember is that you have to put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other end of that email or phone call.  If you really hate it when people call you and/or spam you with pushy sales stuff, ...
Rich makes a wonderful point with this post!  ActiveRain isn't about points, it's about reaching out to your audience - whoever that might be.  Points come from doing the things that you need to do to get the most out of your RainMaker subscription, so don't make earning the points your focus.  I...
5 Reasons to set up your ActiveRain Outside blog. I'm sure at some point, each one of you has asked yourself, "So, what's the point of an ActiveRain outside blog?"  The answer is, there aren't very many reasons to start a new outside blog these days.  Here are a few, and I hope this article can g...
Learn how to set up Google+ Authorship for your ActiveRain Outside blog. For most of you, your AR Blog is going to be where people find your content on ActiveRain via Google's search results pages, but it would be nice for Google to know that you contribute to your outside blog too.  Right?  Well...
Use "Tags" to Organize your ActiveRain Blog  While Tags no longer have the SEO power they had once held, you may still want to use them on your ActiveRain blog. Recently, I've heard a few RainMakers say they really want to be able to organize their "inside blog" so it looks more like their "outsi...
Setting up your "Campaigns"   When you set up a campaign, you buy traffic that comes from other RainMaker's outside blogs, but only if they they haven't set up a "Market" in that city.  For example:  I live in Seattle.  I work in Seattle.  I don't really want or need traffic for someone who is in...
Setting up your "Markets"   From your Hit Router set up page, click on the search button under "My Markets" and type in your city.  You should see that your page looks a lot like this:  From there, click on the closest match for the city you want to work in.  Now you can type the URL for the page...
Setting up your Hit Router   If you're here because the "Find Homes" search bar on your outside blog is directing consumers to a competitor, don't worry, ActiveRain isn't broken.  The truth is: If you haven't set up your Hit Router "Markets", we have to make sure that the traffic from those "Find...
Rattlesnake Ridge Hiking Trail Near Seattle If you're looking for good hiking trails near Seattle, you may want to consider Rattlesnake Ridge.  It's about a 45 minute drive east of Seattle on I-90, close to North Bend.  I get there by taking exit 32 on I-90 and driving about four miles south on 4...

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