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Jay writes about Technology stuff as well as the local real estate markets in the Kansas City northland including Liberty, Gladstone, North Kansas City and Kansas City Metro. Jay digs social media and gadgets to make real estate FUN!
Most people know the process of buying a home involves a home inspection prior to closing. Typically in Missouri and Kansas this is done AFTER we have a deal that both buyer and seller have agreed upon and it's typically done at the Buyer's expense. I tell my clients that we have TWO rounds of ne...
Do you love your work? Do you think real estate is fun? (More importantly, do YOUR CLIENTS think real estate is fun??) My observation is that there is something intriguing about our real estate world that the general public is drawn to (why else would they make so many reality shows about it?) Th...
This post is inspired by one that Brenda just wrote (check it out here) and I wanted to chime in. The essence is how agents cooperate with out-of-town agents who bring their buyers into that territory. Brenda was faced with some disappointing results but I wanted to share a cool story of how it "...
Time to grow and I need to find someone that is able to be there with me as we serve clients better and more efficiently. I read some ads and wanted to claw my eyes out. I wanted to appeal to the "right" kind of candidate so here is what I threw out there. (PS, if you know who I need to hire in t...
  The National Association of Realtors has this staggering fact:  The share of home sellers who sold their home without the assistance of a real estate agent was 10%. (And 40% of those sellers knew the buyer prior to home purchase) In the industry, call these FSBOs (For Sale By Owner). I just lis...
A Note from the Sellers When we were hired to teach for Liberty schools in 2002, we had just a few months to move from Iowa to Missouri. This was our first house and it met all of our wants: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2-car attached garage, and a shady yard. At the time, our agent showed us l...
Boston, we support you. I'm not a runner. I don't live in Boston. (in fact, I've never even been there) But one thing I know is when something like this happens, the True Americans will support. I reflected on these runners first. The amazing work and dedication they have put forth for months, or...
I have had quite few comments on the post I wrote comparing Dotloop, Docusign and Cartavi (check it out here). This week I looked into another software solution from recent startup company Benutech called ReboCollab.  Brian Fox gave me a call after reading my blog and invited me on a tour of this...
Technology is redefining how a Realtor does business. Gone are the days of faxes and up next on the chopping block is the good ol' pen to sign on paper.  So, there are lots of companies out there trying to pull away as the leader in this market. I enjoy playing with all of these tools and have dr...
Sometimes snow is a welcome break for a busy Realtor in Kansas City. Mother Nature dropped 13" of snow on us last Thursday, then just as we were digging out, she dropped another 9" on us yesterday! Overnight we got another 2" so needless to say: WE AREN'T SHOWING HOUSES TODAY!! So, the kids are h...

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