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   You ever look at a home and wonder what the tubes that stick out of the roof are? Those are plumbing vents and there are rubber boots for the vents that are protective, and they seal the area between the vents and the roof, shielding it from the elements. Over time, the boots dry rot and crack...
     Drain line condensation is a common problem with HVAC systems (heating and cooling). Many times, because of poor workmanship, the are run into septic vents, discharge close to the home, are not tied in to the main line, or tied in but are missing traps. These problems are easily remediated b...
   Testimonial from Jason Feinman, Realtor       As a Realtor, I am proud to have gotten to know Jason D'Amato of ComfortSpec through inspections on both homes I have listed, that other Realtors and clients searched for an inspector and utilized his services, and for an inspector that I personall...
     An FHA inspection is a home inspection done for a specific mortgage backed by the federal government. There are specific guidelines that a home must meet, with a strong emphasis placed on safety. The most common flags raised during an FHA inspection include: missing electrical outlet covers,...
     For over a dozen years with dozens of satisfied clients, Jason D'Amato has served the Poconos and the Lehigh Valley for those in need of the best home inspection services possible. Your home is many things, a financial asset, the basic human necessity of shelter, but most importantly, your h...

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