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As A Home Buyer, When Does Your Negotiation Go Too Far? Today I received an offer on a property that is fully renovated and in spectacular shape from an immigrant family that culturally may have different negotiating tactics than what we are used to here.  Having dealt with people from all parts ...
Want To Win A HUD Home In Suwanee, Georgia, Follow My Advice! Over the last three years I've helped my clients win as many as 10-15 HUD homes in a month.  The bidding process for a HUD home is very easy, and is completed online in less than 5 minutes, in fact it's the easiest way I know to get yo...
Active Rain Meet Ups Are A Great Resource, Don't Miss Your Meet Up! Yesterday in the Atlanta area we had an Active Rain Meet Up in Duluth where Rain Makers could get together with Ambassadors and network, discuss market conditions, marketing plans for 2014 and so much more.  It was a great event,...
When You Find A Great Home, Broadcast It From the Rooftops!   As Realtors, our clients rightfully expect us to know the market, to know the best neighborhoods, the most desirable subdivisions, and the best locations.  When a hot property in a sought after neighborhood hits the market, or when an ...
No Lipstick On Pigs, Investment Properties Should Be Done Right! It always amazes me how I see less than credible rehabbers try to pass off their quick fix and flip properties as 20% ROI excellent return, turn key investment properties.  Often these properties are in the lowest income, highest cr...
Accountability Is Imperative to Success! We live in a society where it is much more fashionable to blame others for our mistakes, to make excuses, to pass the buck.  It's almost shocking, and certainly always refreshing when someone owns up to a mistake.  In fact it is almost endearing, and it al...
Why Your Friend Listed or Bought With Another Agent!   A few weeks ago a good friend at church came up to ask me for a bunch of advice on a home they had under contract.  The conversation went something like this, "Jared, I know you are a complete expert on real estate, and we have some difficult...
Which Continuing Education Should I take?  Take a Designation!   As Realtors or real estate agents, we are often marketed to companies who will pay for a speaker to come in and train on a topic, and we can pay $10 to go to this breakfast or lunch and gain valuable information that counts towards ...
WHat Renovations Add the Most Value and Which Are Overkill?   When preparing a home to sell, it's always best to go through the home and make a list of items that are worn or may need to be repaired.  Doing this from the buyers perspective is the best way to gauge the priority of what needs to be...
Protect Your Time From Some Buyers and Some Listings   Over the course of a career we have all done this, a buyer walks into your office and tells you how much you came recommended, and how ready they are to buy.  They say they are pre-approved, maybe even show you a letter stating their qualific...

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