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A Los Angeles real estate broker specializing in absentee owners and out-of-town buyers. If you are not local to Los Angeles, or near the property in question, you need someone to act as your right hand throughout the process. That is where I come in. Just sit back and relax! You are in very capable hands.



I read Susan Haughton's post recently discussing how effective holding open houses is these days.  A few years ago that was the best way for a home buyer to find  Los Angeles homes for sale.   Things have changed, and Los Angeles home buyers  are increasing searching online for listings.  Even if...
According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, home buyers’ use of a Realtor® is on the rise. 89% of home buyers used a real estate agent in 2011, a 7.23% increase over the previous year and a 29% increase over 2001.  These figures account for all sale...
Los Angeles home sellers often contact me to help them find a home to buy or rent. Knowing that they are obviously already working with a Realtor® my first question is, “have you asked your current Realtor® to help you?” Today I received one of those calls from a lovely lady who said, and I kid y...
We are back to the point about buying a Los Angeles home for a bargain.  You generally get what you pay for. If you are thinking of buying a home at a foreclosure auction then beware of unknown matters that could pop up, as you will  probably not be offered title insurance on the property.  In a ...
Gene never ceases to amaze me with the depth of knowledge of his business he portrays in his posts.  This is no exception.  Now is the time for buyers to get off the fence or risk both the rates going up and home prices.  This would appear to be as close to the bottom as we are going to get.    T...
Did that catch your eye?  Unfortunately, leaving investors out of the equation, as a Los Angeles home buyer you are probably not going to find that bargain home you are looking for. Why? Because the real bargains often don’t make it to the general market.  They are bought through word-of-mouth or...
There is not a pecking order for Realtors®.There is no Realtor® who can only do rentals or only do listings, or only work with buyers.  That is a choice they make.So, if you have an agent who just sold your home and you are looking for a rental, ask them to help you.  They are quite capable of do...
When buying or selling property in Westwood you may want to check out how the market did in 2011. Single family homes in Westwood have been split into price range.  The Westwood condo market will include Wilshire Corridor condos, already the subject of a previous market report. What is Market Abs...
Effective January 6, 2012 the price of Los Angeles traffic tickets is going up by $4 a ticket on already steep fines.  And be extra wary.  It is rumored that there is extra pressure on traffic officers to bring in more revenue. Local agencies have even been authorized to attach cameras to street ...
How do you go about searching for a Los Angeles home for sale?   If you are like the majority of Los Angeles homebuyers  you start your search online.  After all you can buy almost everything online these days including, believe it or not, supposed stem cells.  But unless you are a doctor would y...

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Are you buying a home in the Los Angeles area? Are you selling a home? Do you know the market right now? In a strong sellers' market like today, if you are in the process of buying a home you will need someone to help you stand out from your competition and become the successful bidder. If you are a seller the sifting through all the offers you will be receiving can be a confusing process. And especially if you are an absentee owner or out-of-town buyer that process can be extremely difficult. That is where I excel. I am here when you cannot be and offer a personalized service which will hopefully relieve much of the stress involved in the most important transaction of your life. Sit back, relax, and let me do the work.