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A Los Angeles real estate broker specializing in absentee owners and out-of-town buyers. If you are not local to Los Angeles, or near the property in question, you need someone to act as your right hand throughout the process. That is where I come in. Just sit back and relax! You are in very capable hands.



One more day left tomorrow but I think I will take it easy.  Today was another marathon walk around Paris.  But once you start you can't stop. Every corner you turn there is something to be amazed at.  And every time you come here it is like the first time.  
You need a ton of energy to work your way around Paris.  It is not a large city, so you can effectively walk from one end to the other. Today I climbed the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest building in Paris, but it was foggy, so didn't get good pictures.  Then went to Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur.
I am not passionate about a lot of things, but Paris is a city that I cannot get enough of.  Every corner you turn around is another feast for the eyes.  The shops are incredible, especially the food shops. For those of you who have never been to Paris, make it a goal.  It is the most beautiful c...
In case you decide to travel to the U.K. I thought I would provide a pronounciation guide to the cities.  It will be miuch easier to ask directions:Berkshire                     barkshireBicester                      bisterDerby                         darbyGloucester                  glosterGree...
As you can see, the snow has stayed around making it difficult to get around.  This was Xmas Day.  Today, Boxing Day it is much better.                           I decided to walk from the village to my father's place which which is about 1.5 miles uphill with no paths.  1.5 miles is about 1.5 mi...
Lunch at the retirement community.  I'm testing it out.
Just so you are not all too jealous, I arrived in London in the worst weather seen in years.One thing you should know about the U.K. is that they are always ill prepared for snow - in winter!!!. I will not go into details, but after renting a car I couldn't get to my destination, nor could the re...
Just wait out the 16 second commercial.   
  Buyers, this is an excellent post to help you educate yourselves the actual costs involved in the purchase of your new home.   This post is inspired by Tim Bradford's blog on the new revised GFE that appears in January. The revised GFE is another failed attempt to protect consumers,  The proble...
I decided to investigate eXp Realty after Brad Andersohn posted about it in his last blog.I have decided to join. This is not a terribly difficult decision for me since I am basically virtual already.  I left Keller Williams for a small firm where the split is only 96.5/3.5% after a few other sma...

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Are you buying a home in the Los Angeles area? Are you selling a home? Do you know the market right now? In a strong sellers' market like today, if you are in the process of buying a home you will need someone to help you stand out from your competition and become the successful bidder. If you are a seller the sifting through all the offers you will be receiving can be a confusing process. And especially if you are an absentee owner or out-of-town buyer that process can be extremely difficult. That is where I excel. I am here when you cannot be and offer a personalized service which will hopefully relieve much of the stress involved in the most important transaction of your life. Sit back, relax, and let me do the work.