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Today as I was sitting at my desk busily working away, I had about 28 different things buzzing in my mind in the background that I needed to accomplish before, during and after my long weekend trip I have planned with my family.  It's a familiar hummm... taxes-bills-laundry-cleaning-blogging-exer...
Last night a neighbor stopped by our farm to introduce himself.  Come to find out, he’s an old-time farmer in our area,  however he lives in another state most of the year right now, caring for his elderly mother.  After chatting for a long while about farming,  I learn that he has 11 rental home...
Recently Washington state became one of many states who are churning up lawsuits from tenants over criteria for residency. The ALCU represented a woman who was denied tenancy based on a 1995 drug conviction.  The basis for the lawsuit is that the company used criteria that violated state laws tha...
  Janell K. is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based tenant screening solution, offering tools to Landlords and professional Property Managers.
 Janell is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based property management software program designed to help streamline tenant criminal and credit checks and the day-to-day operations of landlords and property managers.  You'll find many other useful articles like this on the Rentec Direct Blog.
FOR REAL!   Just last week, a Maryland jury awarded a tenant $800,000 after her new landlord moved her into his bedbug-infested property. County records showed that the landlord knew of the bedbug and mouse infestation, and attempted a home-remedy plan that failed.  He did not disclose or remedy ...
Well, if you or one of your best buds posted that picture, it is!  And more than likely, according to Murphy's law, it will show up where you least suspect it.  Or is that the law of Google?  Either way, in Social Media, you never know where one post in cyberspace will end up. In a very good post...
Yesterday, while reading through some details of our tenant credit check and eviction report, I stumbled upon a crazy story of a 91-year old WWII vet being evicted out of his own home he built 56 years ago, after his creepy daughter pulled a sneaky move and used her power of attorney to sign over...
 I am officially jealous.   Why didn’t my grandparents build me this most amazing tree house?  And I am not showing my daughter this thing. NO WAY. I had plans to build her a tree house this summer and let's just say I was thinking more along the lines of this... It goes without saying, there is ...
I hear from our property management software customers everyday saying “I can’t believe how quickly the syndication links brought me rental traffic! It was driving me crazy how my rentals use to get lost in the online listing sites!!”  Truly, I am surprised at times, too.  I mean, it’s a big, big...

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