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Many home owners keep detailed records of home repairs and improvements.  They hire professionals or learn from a Pro,  have copies of invoices, before and after pictures and have worked to keep their homes in tip-top condition.  And then there are the others.  The ones that don't. Before working...
    Have you ever walked into a home or business and said to yourself "E-GADS!"  or "Ho-Hummm."  While hot pink walls will throw my senses for a loop and probably make me want to leave sooner than later, classic white with beige furniture makes me feel sad for the occupants.   Sad because how on ...
Warning: This has nothing to do with Property Management Software, advice for Landlords or Tenant Screening.  If you want some of that, check out Rentec Direct's blog at this link.Nope, this is a serious topic.    B.A.C.O.N.  The almighty pig has delivered what some might say is true-love.  I mig...
It no longer surprises me when I hear this.  I still cringe inside - because it's usually followed with some horrible story attached to a particular ethnicity, religion or various orientation - but I am not surprised.   People discriminate every day.  We all recognize differences between one thin...
I was reading Deb Janes's advice in a recent blog she wrote about videos tips for Realtors and I wanted to kiss her for the "Keep It Short Sweety" advice she offered to those using video as a medium to connect to their clientele.  I can't tell you how many times I've felt like poking my eyes out ...

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