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This week in the New York Times science section, scientists & researchers were interviewed about projections on climate change and how it will effect the livability of various locations around the United States from now until 2100.  They went on to say that millions of people will be environmenta...
I have to hand it to her - she always sees the best of a situation where others might be more inclined to see the GIANT PILE OF POO in the room.  An optimist verses a realist would be one way to describe our different styles of addressing issues.     Take, for example, my mother's rental homes.  ...
I didn't realize how much I needed this today.  I liken it to when you sit down for a massage appointment because you have a sore back and you are amazed that the muscles in your feet are sore. And how awesome is it that someone is rubbing them!   Laughter is always good medicine, and an especial...
This past week I took a day off from Rentec Direct and traveled with my family to the Jedediah Smith State Park in the Redwoods National Park in Northern California to celebrate my brother turning 50.  We Southern Oregonians are so blessed with the abundance of natural beauty surrounding us!  I ...
I'm sure there are great things about Arkansas - like its diverse and beautiful natural resources and Johnny Cash - however it also has some dirty laundry the rest of the union has turned its back on over time.  Arkansas is known for high government spending, a poorly educated population, low hou...

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