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Before working for Rentec Direct, I spent a spell of time buying delapidated homes, fixing them up and selling them.  You know, like all of us did in the earlier part of this millenium.   Luckily, I never was faced with a squatter on my own properties, as I made it a point to be inside them weekl...
We have all seen the frenzy of ALC Ice Bucket Challenges by now - some quite elaborate and others just a 10 second dump.  I have to admit, I was skipping over them as I had no idea what the heck it was about and I had better things to do with my time than watch a bunch of people dump buckets of w...
Yesterday an employee of an upscale apartment complex in Portland, Oregon, was murdered while she was working.  Family, community members and Property Management professionals are all asking the same question - Could something more have been done to avoid this tragedy?   While we do not know if t...
Last week I was hit with the same question three times in a row by new customers who use Rentec Direct to manage their tenant and owner portfolio.  They knew we offered a way for their prospective tenants to see their property listings as well as Tenants & Owners a spot to login to a portal, but ...
As long as you don't suffer from carsickness, and you aren't concerned about a little bump in the road here and there, I recommend you try the trek from Grants Pass, Oregon - home of Rentec Direct - to Gold Beach, Oregon, via the Merlin-Galice Highway and back roads.   I have been wanting to take...
For some reason I can't get this Beyonce song out of my head after reading a Facebook post today from one of my family members...  " To all the lovely ladies out there, garbage disposals have their limitations. 'Food scrap' should infer small plant matter. If you don't eat it, it shouldn't go in ...

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