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In my last blog entry I touched on the idea of instuctional vs. sales videos and how keeping a clear objective is important in guiding your content and tone.  With some great feedback from our property management professional circles, we've learned that the instructional videos seem to be more ca...
As we continue to create more and more videos, our team at Rentec Direct has been sorting through older videos where both marketing and instructional objectives were combined and are working to create a new approach to communicating with our customer base.   Besides the SEO benefit you receive fr...
One of our close competitors in property management software recently raised their subscription rates and we all know how these hikes in rates can cause some people to jump ship.  There they are... just floundering... waiting for someone to rescue them, right?! I've never liked it when competito...
It's a scorcher here in Southern Oregon and my afternoon coffee-break from Rentec Direct did NOT include a walk around the block, rather a detour on the net to this absolutely wild video!  I read that they created it in one take... simply amazing!  You have to check it out and then join me in nev...
My first try at animation!  And I would love to hear your feedback.    Have a safe and fun 4th of July everyone!                                                                                    Janell is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based property management software program designed to hel...
It's a hot one here in sunny Southern Oregon, home of Rentec Direct, and with the 4th of July holiday upon us, we wanted to remind everyone to be careful out there in the heat!   Last year on the 4th, my young daughter got heat stroke and was violently ill, and had we been more aware of the sign...

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