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Monday at Rentec Direct has been a pretty smooth ride and it tends to be that way this time of the month as most landlords and Property Managers are in the small lull before End-of and First-of the month activities kick in, so I had a bit of a "coffee break" today at my desk...While checking out ...
Whether you manage 10 or 1,000 units, how you handle turnover costs will predict in part the financial success or pains of your property management business.   When I first started managing rental properties, our lease agreement had a generalized clause for damage liability.  It was pretty straig...
Sure, we all know that having to re-hab a trashed rental home can be very expensive and hopefully you're collecting sufficient security deposits and doing what you can through tenant screening to avoid the notorious tenants who repeatedly destroy rental homes (HINT: never skip running credit, cr...
Just for fun....     Can you guess where in the world these houses are located?     Ready, set, go!   1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.     10.     BONUS:   11.  Where in the world is Rentec Direct Property Management Software headquarters located?  ;)                                    ...
As I was sitting around the outdoor farm table last night - with empty dinner plates and glasses of wine half drunk  - it occurred to me that I might have skirted my professional rule of "don't mix business with pleasure."  Well, it's someone else's rule, but one that sits in the back of my mind,...

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