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We've all experienced finding a random box of history - old love letters, warranty manuals for long-forgotten devices, a box of checks for a bank account you no longer use.  Today I found a file that made me sigh "oh dear lord!"  The file was labeled "OWNER YEARLY STATEMENTS" and in it was stack ...
My husband made this silly ceramic platter for an art show this month and he isn't fooling me!   Just because the character has brown hair instead of strawberry blonde and she wants Chardonnay verses Cabernet,   I still know he's exposing my secret prayer.  ;) Happy Wednesday! -------------------...
Just down the road from my home, a subleasing debacle is underway.  The Story  Long-time local family owns a local business that flourishes due to community support.  They also happen to own extensive acreage of pristine farm land that borders two valley river basins .  The land-owners are not fa...
Active Rain? you ask...   Why yes, indeed!! And this year, we're thankful it's finally arrived! Janell is a member of Rentec Direct, a web-based property management software solution out of Oregon, offering tools to Landlords and professional Property Managers, including tenant screening.
I just noticed the date in the lower left corner of my computer and realized that 12 years ago today, I took a leap of faith and met a stranger for a lunch-date.  That stranger ended up becoming my husband.   If I take a trip down memory lane, I am amazed at the different landscapes we've travers...
I watched this artsy video today and I wanted to share it with y'all as it's such a clear and simple message about how to foster the relationships we all seek and depend on to be happy.   Without relationships, we are mere commodities to be used and discarded, and who likes that?  Wishing you all...

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