Embracing Charlotte Real Estate, by: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, SFR, REALTOR®

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Looking to Relocate, Purchase or Sell a Home in Charlotte North Carolina? Jaclyn Erwin, Broker/Owner provides a wealth of information centered upon Charlotte NC. Real Estate. Resources in Community News, Updates, Listings and the Latest Real Estate Trends!



 Pump Up Your DataBase!By: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, RealtorCharlotte, NC Real Estate Okay, so you realize the power of a database. You know that in order to increase your business and successfully meet your 2007 Goals, a strong database is essential. Well, maybe you're wondering, "What can I do to effi...
 Can You Spot Mortgage Fraud When It Occurs?By: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, RealtorCharlotte, NC Real Estate What's the Number One white-collar crime in the country? Mortgage FraudTo respond to this, the FBI is cracking down---implementing practices to unravel those who participate and slapping them with ...
 Easy, Pain-Free Ways to NetworkBy: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, RealtorCharlotte, NC Real Estate As a professional, You've heard that "Networking" is essential in order to survive in today's bumps and bruises of businesses and business owners. For all newcomers, networking is essentially communicating wit...
 Are you a perspective homebuyer looking for a new home in the Charlotte, NC? area? If so, you will benefit tremendously with the assistance of an Exclusive Buyer's Agent. Why, because Exclusive Buyer's Agents are skilled professionals who specialize in representing buyers achieve their real esta...
Are You In Danger of Foreclosure?By: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, RealtorCharlotte, NC Real Estate With today's sky-rocketing foreclosure rates, many homeowners are missing out on opportunities that can save them, their credit, and possibly their home. . .Homeowners, Learn the "Key" Facts Regarding Foreclo...
North Carolina Market Update: Foreclosure StatusBy: Jaclyn Erwin, ABR, RealtorCharlotte, NC Real Estate Folks, the numbers are out. Foreclosure rates are at an All-Time High throughout the country. Unfortunately, North Carolina is not immune to these conditions. In fact, the foreclosure rate with...
 I Know, I Know,This may sound like the "obvious" to any real estate professional. But did you know that this is one of the top, most overlooked advertising tools that Realtors fail to implement. Prime Example: How many of us have been to a nice restaurant, your child's school function or stood i...
Every week, I learn of another family who is in grave danger of losing their homes to the perils of foreclosure. For many reasons, homeowners are falling victim to foreclosure. Nationwide. Sadly, the foreclosure rates are at an all time high across the country. No state is immuned.Just a few year...
In Today's Society,It's hard for many to envision the "good" in mankind. Often times, we hear of violent crimes, trickery, and plain-old cruelty going on in the world. However, there's always some one, some human, some angel that reminds us of how important it is to be kind, caring, helpful and t...

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