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Tidbits, advice and listings from the High Country of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, covering Boone, Blowing Rock, Linville, Banner Elk, Fleetwood, Jefferson & Foscoe.
I used to travel with my first born and my husband and 5 suitcases, a carseat, stroller and diaper bag. Thank goodness (or maybe not) that those trips are behind me. Today, with the charge per suitcase, I try and try to travel with one large handbag and one carry on suitcase. Traveling just for m...
On our way to look at a home for a potential staging job, we took a short hop onto the Blue Ridge Parkway this afternoon near Boone & Blowing Rock, NC. Just sharing a short slidshow of the early leaves. In about a week to 10 days, Boone should be at peak.  
I got a call today from a lovely lady who was dialing different numbers from memory to find someone she needed to get in touch with. The lady was at the hospital. I did not ask why. I offered to look the number up for her, and she was as thrilled as if i had said "wait, I'll go pick them up." Bef...
09/26/2013! Above is a link to an article with some great listing presentations tips...I love #3 and #5. Something mentioned here that we have personally never done but will moving forward is brigning a price adjustment form along and speak ...
I have been invited to partner on a community task force to "Green Up" the MLS's statewide in NC.  In my research, it ocurred to me that this site might be of interest to many realtors as well as buyers out there. It is the site provided to we NAR Green's, which is the Green designation for realt...
09/24/2013 We had two closings this week but not the million dollar ones. More's the pity! This was a good week for our little town. 51,333 population for the entire county. Altho...
09/20/2013 This article highlights a new 3D app although they are not the first on the market. This soundslike a fun add on to staging or showing a seller client how they might rearra...
Watauga County Deed Transfers, August 15 th thru 23rd Up a couple million from last week. The highest sale was $615,000 in Blwoing Rock. BR demands higher prices than any of the other towns or townships in Watauga County. It is said to be "historically important."  That statement does seem to wor...
Boone, NC One of the Top Cities for Clean Air. One daughter who lives in New York City, always comments how "good it smells" to be home. She knows what she's talking about.
SIP WALLS (PUR) 210 % MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT THAN  2X6  ( R19 ) WALLS While this statement is hard to believe, I think it's close to true after reading a lot the green info out there. As an NAR Green and earning a GRES (also Green) I am amazed that Green is not the only way to go when building new...

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