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The Mexican Caribbean is by far the most popular overseas destination this summer, said top travel website, Orbitz, this week. In their annual summer "Insider Index", Cancun and the Riviera Maya were the only non-US destinations to feature in the top five. Cancun came second and the Riviera Maya...
    Just imagine it.  A “For Sale” sign at Stonehenge?  Real Estate ads for the Pyramids?  MLS listings for Machu Picchu?  Would you be shocked?  Intrigued?  Would you secretly desire to own a piece of history? Would you want to buy some land and perhaps build a dream home next to one of the Seve...
  Ever dream of owning a green, ecologic home one day and living in harmony with the planet? Well hear the call of a sacred place on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean - a place called Tulum.   Nestled on a coast of turquoise seas and white beaches in Mexico's burgeoning Riviera Maya, Tulum has...
    Myth #1:  You can only travel on the cheap in Mexico   There are certainly great vacation and cruise deals in Mexico, and the cost of living is less expensive than its northern neighbors.  However, if you spend time in a high-end resort or one of the many upscale hotels, prices can go up qui...
  Have you heard of the Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya), also known as the “Mexican Caribbean” the only Caribbean coastline in Mexico?   The Riviera Maya runs along the Yucatan Coastline near Playa del Carmen and Cancun for approximately 72 miles. It is located in the state of Quintana Roo in Easter...
  The Boomers are coming!  In the 18 years between 1946 and 1964, over 75 million babies were born. That means the first wave of baby boomers are 64 years old and ready to retire. Some experts forecast a huge migration south to balmier and less expensive climates. And the vast majority of them wi...
Proposed changes to the Mexican constitution could go through to make it cheaper and easier for foreigners to buy ocean homes for sale in Mexico. Mexican Senator for Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez, put forward changes to Article 27 a little over a year ago with the intention of reducing the paperwo...
Mexico real estate has fared the global financial crisis much better than many other markets, mainly because the Mexican property market lacks the heavy reliance on mortgages and credit that has so beset its neighbor to the north. Since the market didn't fall very far, it is taking much less to b...
Controversial Cancun real estate project, Gran Parque Bicentenario, has been approved by the federal Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). "The project is legal and environmentally viable", said head of Semarnat, Rafael Elvira Quezada. But he warned that the municipal g...
It looks increasingly likely that big news about the new Tulum airport will be announced tomorrow. Several Mexican newspapers have claimed this week that Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, will be in Tulum on Monday "to launch the bidding process for the construction and operation of the new Ri...

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