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  In a year when almost every other worldwide car manufacturer saw a deep slump in sales, according to the Wall St. Journal, Mexico’s purchases of Jettas, Boras and the New Beetle are indeed soaring, up 25% over last year.    Volkswagen de Mexico, located in the state of Puebla in Mexico, sees pr...
"Obama warns of tough economic times after oil spill"  - Wall St. Journal   “Gulf oil spill could be disastrous for Florida economy. Oil disaster could cost Florida economy 39,000 jobs, $2.2 billion”  - Palm Beach Post   “Gulf Coast oil spill could wreck region”  - Wasington Post   "Scientists f...
In 1985, life expectancy for Mexicans was only 68 years.  By 1990, it had jumped to 69, by 1995 it had leaped to 70 and by 2010 it sprinted to 77.8 years, a whopping 8 years, just 4 years shy of the Japanese, the oldest living people on the planet.  The simple fact is that in  2010, people in Me...
After waiting almost 4 years, Mexicans can once again celebrate as the new edition of the World Cup kicks off at 9AM CST Friday with the first match:  Mexico vs. South Africa (the host country).  At least 10,000 Mexican nationals along with President Calderon are expected to attend in Johannesbu...
  No one has been immune to the onslaught of negative press regarding Mexico.  First with the drug related violence and next the  swine flu, Mexico's resiliency has certainly been tested.  Well, good news…..They're back….The tourists and travelers that is.   Occupancy rates are nearing pre-flu nu...
The small and unassuming town of Tulum has been given a distinct designation:  It has been ranked among the top ten beaches in the world by Conde Nast.  Its prime location, at the southern tip of the incredible Riviera Maya, will soon boast an international airport.  The necessary infrastructure...
  For those of you that are looking for an extended vacation or a more permanent move to Mexico; I have great news, bring your pets!  If you are an animal lover like myself then the thought of leaving your furry family member(s) does not even enter into the equation.  If you travel to Mexico, res...
“The massive oil spill spreading out in the Gulf of Mexico has Florida's on edge”  St. Petersburg Times. "This could have lingering, disastrous implications"  Palm Beach Post.     It’s inconceivable.  An oil spill of epic, almost biblical proportions has dumped 19,000 barrels of crude oil a day ...
    The billion dollar sandbar South Beach, just south of Miami Beach, is such a dazzling Art Deco playground that even the best of prose may not do it justice. Still the reigning king of cool, The Delano Hotel (owned by Morgan Hotel Group) continues to out-swank any of its challengers, and now t...
  Who would have “thunk” it?  Carlos Slim, the poor Mexican son of a Lebanese immigrant store owner, is now the first non-American in 16 years to be named the “Richest Man In the World”. How did he do it?  Old School business sense, that’s how.  In fact, he still has the ledgers given to him by h...

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