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Yesterday’s cover story in the New York Times reported that Mexico and other Latin American economies are significantly outpacing their northern counterparts and most other countries around the world.     While Europe and the U.S. worry over massive deficits and fears over a fragile recovery, Me...
FoxNews reports this week that Mexico's unemployment rate fell again last month to 5.1%, down from 5.4% just a month ago as Mexico’s strong economic recovery continues to gain steam.  In fact, Mexico’s unemployment performance is currently stronger than any other economy on the globe, save South...
Ahhh Italy!  Feel the fine Italian leather brushing against your skin, smell the aroma of delectable, homemade pasta and pizza wafting through the air, taste the exquisite Pinot Grigio tickling your tongue, hear the bustle of busy streets filled with Italian conversation,  explore quaint shops c...
1.  America’s Massive Pork Barrel Machine      - 35,000 lobbyist will ensure the process of squeezing megabucks out of D.C.   2.  Powerful Resistance to Cutting Social and Entitlement Programs      - Unfunded benefits will balloon to $65 trillion and take a 40% tax increase to fund   3.  U.S. In...
  Are you one of the many millions who subscribe to International Living or one of the many more millions who know firsthand about the beauty, lifestyle, and the explosive opportunities south of Cancun?  This area of the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico's Caribbean coastline is where you can still af...
Every four years, faithful Mexican soccer fans gather at San Gabriel parish on the seedy side of Mexico City.  On their knees they earnestly pray to a wooden icon of the “Child of Miracles”, which during the World Cup, is surprisingly dressed in a green Mexican jersey, red socks, white shorts, a...
  A SEVEN YEAR SET BACK   It just turned 4:00 AM.  You’re tossing and turning in your bed...and not because you overate at dinner last night.  Your mind is churning.  You have gnawing questions about the future.   Have I saved enough to retire?  Is this roller-coaster stock market going to sink m...
   “Reports of violence have only reduced the frequency or duration of trips to Mexico for only 7 percent of Americans…and remains retirees' No. 1 travel destination.”  -   ABC News   Recent reports strongly indicate that the highly televised Mexican drug war has not stopped most Americans from t...
As one is descending in their jumbo jet, ready to land in Cancun to begin their much needed and much deserved vacation, one cannot resist the temptation to look with anticipation to the new, vibrant tastes and smells that will soon overcome the senses. If you are like me and these fabulous sensa...
Bloomberg said on Thursday that the peso has gained 7.5 percent this year against the dollar beating every other major currency.  Economists predict the peso will strengthen to as much as 11 per U.S. dollar, an 11% gain, before the end of 2010.  Many commercial banks and institutional investors ...

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